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New colour-coded design

Each Hippo Clamp is uniquely colour-coded for quick and easy identification. The extensive range fits all popular LDPE Poly and Drip Tube sizes to provide a secure and accurate fit across a variety of installations.

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Each Hippo Clamp is colour-coded for quick and easy identification. Find the right sized clamp for your tube using our tube size guide.

Not to scale. Above clamps shown for illustrative purposes only.

what size hippo clamp should i use

Select the size of your LDPE Poly or Drip Tube then click “calculate” to find which Hippo Clamp fits.

Can’t see your tube O.D. or require more information?
Then please contact us.

How to determine O.D. of tube >

The Hippo Clamp tool

The Hippo Clamp Tool is designed for quick and easy fitting or removal of Hippo Clamps. Its specially designed jaws and spring-loaded mechanism allow for quick and easy one-handed operation.

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